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This page familiarizes you with all the steps that go into the majority of our cases that involve what we call smile-makeovers. Every single step is designed to insure that we can deliver what our patients have in mind. The goal here is getting to know our patients and their personalities before we start any restorative work. Initial interviews and records, photography, digital smile design, diagnostic mock up, and trial of the smile with different temporary restorations are few of the many steps we take in order to be sure we can give our patient the smile what they truly love.


In our process, patients are an integral part of the team, and no great work can be done without a close partnership and understanding.

O U R   W O R K F L O W



I N I T I A L   R E C O R D S

Our process begins with a meeting between the patient and our team, including the ceramist. This begins a conversation to understand the patient needs and desires. Here, full records are taken for us to be able to analyze your face and personality.

Records - Before.jpg
Records - Full face1.jpg
Records - smile.png
Records Face.png


S T U D Y  &  D E S I G N

We use all the records obtained in order to carefully study and design the case. Often, we start our smile makeover process by doing a Digital Smile Design ( DSD ) in order to share our vision with the patient, before any treatment is done. 

Study adn Design - DSD 1.png
Study adn Design DSD 3 .png

P R E P A R A T I O N  B A S E D  O N
D I A G N O S T I C  W A X U P 


Once our final design is confirmed by the technician and our patient, we perform minimally invasive preparation of the tooth, through an additive mock-up. This allows us to remove only what is needed for the final ceramic to be fabricated. Our Philosophy revolves around tooth preservation. Less is more. 

Preparation .jpg


T E M P O R A R Y  R E S T O R A T I O N S

The temporary phase is one of the most important stages of any smile-makeover for our team. This is a chance for our patient to wear the design we have in mind and live with it. Here, our goal is to open a conversation for any changes to be made and achieve what truly makes the patient happy before we start fabricating the ceramics restorations.

Temporary image 1 (1).jpg
temporary 2.jpg


B O N D E D  D E L I V E R Y  O F
F I N A L  R E S T O R A T I O N S

We have a very thorough process for the delivery of the final ceramic restorations. This step is performed under rubber dam isolation, unless contraindicated, to achieve maximum bond strength and to create a clean environment for the bonding steps. Most of our dental procedures are done under rubber dam isolation and the advantages are numerous. Ask us why next time you are in our office and that will open a very fun conversation! 




After the delivery of the final restorations, we perform multiple tissue checks to ensure gum heath. These appointments come with final photographs of our work, the most satisfying part of this process.

Final -1.png
Final final .jpg



Final final - lip 1.jpg
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