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There are many reasons beyond improving the natural appearance of your teeth to have one or more crowns placed on top of your teeth:

  • It is easy to chip or crack a tooth, whether playing sports or falling. A crown can be placed over it and is more resistant to being damaged than a natural tooth.

  • The stress of business or personal crises can lead you to unconsciously grind your teeth at night, which wears them down. A crown can protect the remaining tooth and restore the evenness of your bite.

  • If you have a root canal treated for infection, a crown will be needed to protect the remaining tooth.

  • A tooth may be naturally misshapen and you want to make it match your other teeth, which a crown can be designed to do.

  • Some of your teeth may be darker or more yellow than you like, either due to genetics, aging, certain medications, or foods and beverages that easily stain them. Whitening products or even professional treatment may not help much. Crowns can be created to your ideal shade and resist discoloration.

  • If you have lost teeth due to an accident or not taking proper care of your oral health, you may need a dental implant. It will be placed in the empty socket and allowed to heal for several months, then connected by an abutment to a crown that matches the color of the teeth next to it.

  • A cost-effective alternative to an implant is a bridge, which is an artificial tooth called a pontic, that is attached to crowns put on top of the teeth on both sides of the gap where the lost one was.



If you live or work in the Beverly Hills-Hollywood area, then you know that there is a very high standard for what constitutes an attractive smile, set by the entertainment industry and the affluent population.


To see their gleaming smiles, celebrities were born to be on camera, but, of course, most of them were born with an ordinary set of teeth. Nevertheless, no matter what your job is or how much you need to compete in your personal life, you will always be subtly compared with the stars.

But even if you don’t want a complete dental makeover, there are elements of cosmetic dentistry that should be prioritized. One of those is dental crowns because they have important protective and health benefits, as well.


Dental crowns that fit you perfectly are crafted in a collaboration between you, our crown experts, and a top dental lab.

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