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It may not seem fair, but most people make judgments about others they meet for the first time largely on appearance and a beautiful smile is one of the biggest factors in that initial impression. If you feel you don’t have the perfect smile you’ve dreamed of, there are ways to create it and one of the most affordable and simple options is to place veneers on the front of your natural teeth.

Veneers are thin pieces of dental porcelain that are bonded on, whether to restore them to their original appearance or to upgrade them to your ideal. Porcelain veneers not only look just like real teeth, they do not get cavities and so can help protect the teeth to which they are attached.

They can close gaps you were born with, hide cracks and chipping from accidents, and cover discoloration that can occur from drinking coffee, tea, or red wine, infrequent cleaning, smoking, the use of some medications and mouthwashes, aging, or old root canal treatments that can darken teeth.



Over-the-counter teeth whitening products never work well enough to remove serious discoloration and sometimes professional whitening treatments will not give you the smile you really want. However, we will advise whether you should have whitening done in advance of placing the veneers, to be sure any darkness does not show through (since the veneer is somewhat translucent, so it appears to be a natural tooth).

To be sure that you do not have periodontal disease (gum or bone infection) that would need to be addressed before you can have veneers put on, we will do a thorough exam and take digital x-rays (which result in minimal radiation). We will also check for signs of bruxism, which is the technical term for grinding teeth and that could damage your veneers. If this seems to be occurring, you will be provided with a custom mouth guard to wear at night to protect your veneers and teeth.


Creating the perfect veneers is an art as much as science. Getting the shade you want exactly right, balancing the desire for whiteness with the goal of making them seem like natural teeth, requires working closely with master ceramists at a top dental laboratory. We will also be taking into consideration what is known as the Golden Proportion, the ideal ratio of width and length in relation to the face and lips that most people find attractive.

And remember that aesthetics is not the only concern. We need to be sure the veneer-covered teeth function well and that the occlusion, or bite, is comfortable. Together, we can realize your perfect smile.

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